Big changes in the air -- New Moon in Aquarius


Aquarius as a sign

The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer. It is a technological innovation for storing and redistribution to benefit our community/humanity.

But as a sign, Aquarius isn’t easy to understand; after all, “fixed air” is an utterly contrary notion. It signifies revolution and structure, innovation and boundaries, youth and wisdom, intellectual idealism, and rational principles. None of the descriptions is related to our feelings.

Moon in Aquarius doesn’t lack emotions. The feelings are there. The cool intellectual sign knows feelings aren’t facts, but they can help us to find a way out. Our feelings tell us what we need and what to do. Moon in Aquarius invites us to use our intellect, logic, and communication skills to understand the system and work to innovate within. Or bring surprises to the table. That’s why the Aquarius moon needs a lot of space; when it is too confined, it becomes a stuffy room.

What's up with this new moon?

This Aquarius moon is big and explosive. We’re finally leaving the retrograde current. Mercury is direct, and Mars is direct.

We’re eager and ready to move forward.

New Moon in Aquarius at 01˚33’ on Jan 22, 2023, at 4:55 am HKT.

This new moon is a stellium in Aquarius and connects to Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. So it’s hot, big, and obsessive — all the ingredients we need to take action. The new moon will square Uranus, the planet of sudden change, which will also turn direct on the 23rd.

There is great potential for change ahead. But we can be too obsessed with our ideas and risk being too impulsive on the change. But if we allow space and time to be self-aware and remember our interconnectedness with our world, there is a huge transformative power with this new moon.

What to do with this new moon?

New moons are usually a great time to set new intentions but with this one, I would suggest you take time to sit with your feelings and try to figure out what lies behind your motivation. Understanding your psychological need for your need will help you move further later on.