Devotion of mastery: New moon in Pisces

Wai Yu Lam


There is something unique about the mutable watery Pisces new moon. The new moon brings up the merging of intuition, dreams, and ideals into our awarness. Because as a sign, Pisces represents conception. Conception means it’s pregnant, the seed has been planted, and it’s growing. If you’re not in the market for babies, or farming, then the Piscesan energy is for creativity and imagination.

Pisces new moon occurs at 1˚ Pisces on February 20th at 3:07 pm HKT.

The key phrase for Pisces is “I imagine.” And the funny thing about imagining a different future can kick in fear. Fear of success/making mistakes/judgment from others/not smart enough to know what is right for you/working hard. So you tell yourself: “What if I won’t want that later? How do I know my wish is good for me? it’s too much work/too expensive/too much time/resources I don’t have. And what would other people think?”

The scenario I just shared with you feels more potent. Because the new moon conjunct the out-of-sign Saturn in Aquarius. So you’re likely to be extra harsh on yourself, fearing that your vision is too good to be true. You may find it impossible to believe your dreams. So it’s easier to settle on less. It feels safer. Or you detach and tell yourself to “go with the flow.”

However, Saturn is also the planet of maturation and materialization. Saturn will move into Pisces on March 7, and it will change our material focus. We’re getting tested on the Piscesan topics of compassion, imagination, healing, service, romance, and magic. But for now, just remember Saturn will move through the degree of this new moon three times this year. So there is a manifesting potency if you dare to dream and make your best out of this new moon.

Saturn often makes you feel all efforts are without rewards, especially the pressure we had endured in the past few years, one step forward two steps back was exhausting. But the wisdom and peace that come with Saturn are invaluable and long-lasting. We may not get it now, but we will. I promise you.

Plus, we don’t know if we have what it takes until we try. And just look at how far you’ve come. “All things are created twice, and we can visualize the uncreated worlds of potential that lie within us.” The compassionate Jupiterian nature of Pisces invites us to consider that it is our moral duty to be part of the solutions. Dream better and be willing to take the steps that will take you there. You don't need to justify your dream, you don't have to explain to anyone. But you have to practice it, and practicing creates the mastery. According to the Pisces new moon, you deserve your best, and every being deserves their best.

How to work with this Pisces new moon:

Allow yourself the space and time to rest. New moons are a time for rest and to be quiet enough, so you can be receptive to hear our soul, “what am I called to do under the lunar cycle?”

Escape from the hustle.

Avoid drugs and alcohol during this new moon.

Soak in the bathtub. Get a foot massage or give yourself one; Pisces rules the feet. Sleep. If you can’t dream, if you don’t sleep.

Make a vision board of sorts. You can revise it during this month. Don’t censor yourself. Take action when Aries season kicks in.

This new moon is conjunct to Saturn, so it is related to commitment. So if you have an idea, a plan, and a dream, it’s good to remind yourself of this:

“I don’t know yet how to get there, and I might need to try different things. But I will be patient with myself and take all the steps I need to get there. And I'm grateful for the help and guidance along the way."