A balancing act -- Full Moon in Aries


The Full moon in Aries is complex and full of potential.

The full moon represents a peak of the lunation cycle when things come to the surface. In general, Aries Full Moon is energetic; it is the “I CAN DO THIS.” full moon tends to bring up confrontations between my needs (Moon in Aries) vs. our needs (Sun in Libra). And it is a time to tap into our inner power and courage, take action, and see how our role fits in with the larger collective.

Moon in 16˚ Aries 33’ opposite 16˚ Libra 33’ at 4:55 am on Monday, October 11, 2022.

Pluto turned direct a day before our pre-eclipse Ful moon magnifies a sense of urgency to tie up loose ends.

This full Moon conjunct Chiron is uncomfortable. Chiron relates to our unhealed wounds, dysfunction, healing, nature, and alienation. So with their conjunction, we are well aware of our hurt. But on the other hand, Sun and Venus conjunction in Libra is about being graceful, pleasant, “everything is fine”, and our people-pleasing tendency.

So are you as okay as you appear to be?

Or it can show up as you’re so into your passion, needs, and/or sorrow that you alienate yourself instead of letting your relationships to help in your journey.

Do you have to do it all by yourself?

Of course the key is balance. We hear it all the time: B-A-L-A-N-C-E. But what does that mean? Only you have the answer to bringing more balance in your life. It is an Aries Full Moon, so it starts with you! But to balance also means accepting where you are and acknowledging the imbalance, chaos, and messiness around you. Start here and now.

What is authentic for you at this moment?

Aries represents courage, passion, and the warrior in us. So it’s motivating. The chart ruler Mars brings a flow to this full moon, you’re more willing to take action even with the uncertainty. Mercury gets support from Pluto — our thinking can get behind the surface level. However, it opposites the out-of-sign Jupiter, we may be projecting whatever we think it’s right without actually reaching out or talking things through. So keep that in mind. Don't jump to conclusion.

Meanwhile, Saturn continues to square Aquarius; the pressure has been ongoing since Saturn moved to Aquarius in March 2020. Just look how far you have come since, we know it hasn't been a walk in the park. This full moon may feel like a wake-up call, a crossroad, and we must choose a path that will set us free. We're invited to honor your needs, allowing help and support from others and healing deep wounds.