Holding ground for the fertile chaos - New moon in Taurus

Wai Yu Lam


The new Moon in Taurus connects you with your emotional connection with your desires, values, and sensual pleasures. In Taurus, the Moon has a need to build, to grow in all things that bring a sense of security.

The Moon in a Venus-ruled sign knows how to create connections and community through slow and steady partnership development. So this new Moon is about asking yourself, "What is worth building?"

And this new Moon in occurs at 28˚25' in Taurus on May 19, 2023 at 11:53 pm at HKT.

This New Moon is likely to bring powerful new beginnings to many of us. It may not seem this way right away because the abundance of Taurean energy is more internal slow burn. But the t-square between Mars, Pluto, North Node, and Jupiter will strike and expose hidden agendas, power struggles, or undercurrent of some built-up pressure. Is it explosive? Maybe? But it doesn't have to be but use the confrontation is inevitable.

Messy outbursts can occur, and I'm NOT saying to stay calm and not be angry because upsets happen when our boundaries are crossed. Anger is form of standing up for yourself. And there are plenty to be mad about, injustice, abuse of power and resources, wars, inequality, racism, transphobia, sexism, and the list goes on.

So if you find yourself enraged, take a few deep breaths because you can't see your situation clearly when you're suffocating. Check if you're in any real danger or if you're triggered by an unhealed old wound. Take a good look. It might be your projected reality or triggered your insecurity that you want control over. Either way, ask: "What is my motivation? What do I want the outcome to be?"

What is it that you see? Underneath the messy outbursts and triggered wounds is the potential for your buried truth, honest, and authentic self to see the light. And confrontation doesn't have to be verbally or physically violent. Fighting will look different when connected to the bigger picture of truth. For example: cutting ties, voicing out, saying no, organizing, planning, connecting with the local communities, donating money, or openly talking about what you really care about and how you feel. Think about that.

Your anger can become a vital energy that isn't just for healing but also furthering the desires of the soul and reaping the benefits of the inevitable change.