Hope begins in the dark - New moon in Capricorn


Congratulations, we've arrived the last new moon of the year! What a year!

A new moon in Capricorn invites us to get organized. What needs to be taken care of before the calendar year ends? Planning ahead. The cardinal earth and boss energy is the great motivator. Ruled by Saturn, it plays the long game. It is about finding something worth our time and develop that potential with planning and hard work. Managing our physical reality by bringing more structure to our lives Capricorn knows great things take time. Capricorn begins the Winter season, so they know the best way to survival winter is to bring the community together, (and also more people to work for their plans) So this is also the season of gathering, celebrating and also catching up with what we're gonna do next. Ready?

New moon at 1˚ Capricorn 33' on Friday, Dec 23, 2022, at 6:17 pm HKT.

This new moon is interesting. It occurs on the day after the Winter solstice. The traditional Chinese almanac tells us — a waning moon on solstice brings a cold winter. Let's see how it goes. But it is making the longest night of the year darker than usual, because there is no light coming from the moon. If we're not hurried to turn on the light, and be brave enough to lean into the mystery of the dark. We begin to feel the depth of our intuitive guidance. Open to receive. That is only available when we open our consciousness to the unseen, intangible and heartfelt.

Meanwhile, Mars is still retrograde, and Mercury is entering its pre-retrograde shadow. The darkness + retro-shade/grade bring an depth of introspective, reflective quietness to this new moon. We might be more aware of what doesn't work and frustrations from disappointments.

Jupiter in Aries square the new moon. In general, squares bring tension to the new moon, but not all squares are created equally. Square to Jupiter in Aries brightens things up. It lifts the melancholy and cautious nature of Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of hope and abundance, and in Aries, it brings "I can do it" confident energy to the mix. We're feeling more optimistic and adventurous to really recalibrate and work around them. Also, on this new moon chart:

Mercury sextile Neptune: we're more in tune to the higher dimension, imagination, art, magic, and/or the deeper part of our psyche. This is also great for expressing love and care to our friends.

Venus trine Uranus: unconventional desires may come to the surface. It also encourages us to connect to our authentic selves in relating to others. We might be more open to doing something conventional or spending time according to our weird urges.

Capricorn stellium: Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, and Pluto, the robust Capricorn energy, bring stable resilience, self-discipline, and determination energy we need to climb any peak.

There is so much potential with this New Moon. If you feel the call to set an intention for this new moon and the year ahead, this is a wonderful new moon for manifesting. But this isn't a moon for manifesting things. It is a time for reflection: an internal process of understanding the motivation around our actions and desires. At the core, this is a question: "WHO do you want to be in this world?"

Capricorn New Moon Journal Prompt

Do this when you're feeling it. Don't force yourself. Because we entered the Mercury shadow period it is always good to go back and remember what the hell happened in 2022 before you set your intentions:

  • Write a list of your favorite events. Something that went really well -- Especially those you thought were gonna suck and it turned out the opposite.

  • Write a list of things, people, and events that you're grateful for.

  • What shadow aspects of yourself are coming to the surface for integration right now? How can you learn to love and accept them?

  • What events brought you energy, and what events depleted your energy?

  • What are you willing to leave behind?

And then, say hello to 2023!

  • How can i bring more compassion and patience to myself?

  • Going back to the 2022 list, write down a few things you can do to bring more events that bring you more energy.

  • write down how you can eliminate people/events that suck out your time and energy.

    That's it. And believe in your infinite ability for transformation. ILY.