Bringing in the balance -- New Moon in Libra


Libra, the Cardinal sign of partnership, is represented by the symbol of a scale. And the primary function of a scale is to weigh in on things, ideas, values, likes and dislikes, pros and cons, etc. Libra is the sign for diplomacy, win-win, justice, and balance. Broadly speaking, when the moon is new in Libra, it invites us to bring more balance in our relationships to you, your close contact, your friends, and everyone else involved. We ask, "is it fair and just?"

This Libra New Moon ☀️☌🌑at 2♎︎ 46' ♎️ occurs on September 26, 2022, at 5:54 am at HKT.

This New Moon has great potential for manifesting — it has a tight opposition to the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter. It is uplifting that we're willing to consider the bigger picture and filled with hope and optimism. Or we may feel scattered and all over the place with this one.

Also, on this new moon, the boss Venus is in Virgo, conjunct Mercury Rx, opposite Neptune and trine Pluto. Venus has a lot going on here -- the central theme is to put value or understanding on the illusive transformational unconditional love and oneness. "Excuse me?" It sounds like a job for philosophers or saints.

For most of us mortals, it can be overwhelming. We may feel confused about signals, and instead of asking clarifying questions, we're filling the gaps with our romanticized projection. So this isn't a time to process, understand. Do not say yes to a wedding proposal. Drugs is also a bad idea in this transit.

However, It is a great time to enjoy the warm and fuzzy feelings; our idealization helps us to put ourselves out there. Saturn and Uranus add pressure on us to take action; Mars flows with Saturn, which is excellent for getting the work done. There is a lot of potential with one. I hope you take advantage of this active New Moon in Libra and allow things to come into motion for you.