Into the wild - New Moon in Sagittarius

Wai L


Sun and moon conjunction at 1˚27’ Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov 24 at 6:57 am HKT.

This is a lovely new moon in Sagittarius. It's much needed after the chaotic emo Scorpio season.

As a sign, Sagittarius is associated with adventure, freedom, expansion, and wisdom. The mutable fiery energy is ready for adventure and changes. The mutable fiery new Moon helps us see the bigger picture. The sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in the sign of Sagittarius, the fiery stellium trine to Chiron, and out-of-sign Jupiter and Neptune.

Jupiter rules the new moon and its stationing in Pisces. It gives out a protective optimism that makes you resilient. This is a great time to tune in to your— Quest. Calling. Story. Philosophy. What is the common thread that brings meaning to the journey?

The fiery energy offers a push for adventure and freedom. Under the influence, you’re more willing to play the long game. Plus, Saturn in Aquarius will bring grounding energy to laying out your plans, and not just the exaggarated Sagittarius big talk.

However, if you have ever tried to do anything in life, you must deal with the annoying details. Having big dreams is not enough, we must own the steps it takes.

Mars Rx in Gemini brings frustrations in the overlooked details, slowing us down. Plus, Mars square Neptune dampens our drive and motivation. Neptune dissolves. Like you are not getting your anticipated result. Under the influence, you may feel unsure, and paranoid and you want to hit snooze forever. Neptune loves you and it wants you to be more creative and have faith in yours

The symbolic Sagittarius is a half-human and half-horse, holding a bow and arrow aiming for truth. It’s purposeful and built for action. It suggests that in order to reach our eternal wisdom we need to keep moving while having our eyes on the prize.

But have you ever tried shooting a target while on a horse? I imagine it’s no easy task. With so much mutable and fire energy, we’re meant to be flexible and stay open. There is a chance that you’re fueled by multiple projects. Everything. All at once. Moving in all directions. It’s exciting after feeling stuck for so long. You may fall off the horse, but that’s part of the thrill. And it makes a good story later.

Because Sagittarius is the zodiac storyteller, it knows better than anyone that while it was awesome to reach our destination, the journey has brought good laughs. It was full of surprises. The path was scenic. The people we met were beautiful, cool, and interesting. Even if you’re feeling stuck, your journey does not end here. It continues on.

New moons, in general, are great for resets, planning, setting intentions and seedings. On this new moon, visualize a future you want to grow into and show up for your potential! The Sagittarius new moon is meant to take us further than we have ever been.