New Moon in Virgo



8/28/20222 min read

A New Moon is a time for renewal, seedings, starting new habits, and planning and Virgo season is built for all of that, as it is known for its analytical ability to detail, planning, healing, health, service, organization, and structure. After all the summer fun and activities, the Virgo New Moon invites us to renew our outdated habits so that our routines support us on our path.

🌑 ☌☀️in at 4˚♍️04' on Saturday, August 27, 2022, 4:19 pm. HKT.

This Virgo New Moon is inflamed by Mars in Gemini, you know, a lot can happen here. The social and relational Mercury in Libra opposite impulsive Jupiter in Aries. You may be feeling overly enthusiastic to carry on all your tasks. Mars in Gemini is the multitasker, curious, willing to try new things; also read: scattered and distracted action. It can bring tension to the analytical New Moon to which approach to use, overwhelmed by choices, changing plans on a whim, and ending up not being able to get anything done. You may feel irritated or having to deal with frustrated folks.

Also on this chart, a loud the t-square between Venus, Saturn, and Uranus and the North Node, but it isn't new to us. We've been under the Saturn-Uranus pressure since 2021 — the push and pull between restriction and freedom; the past vs. the future; safety vs liberation. Venus is related to our desires and self-worth; it is moving through some really powerful energy. Both Venus and Mars are relational planets so it may bring some disruptions in your relationships or finances.

If you're feeling angry and frustrated during this time, remember that you have options. The frustration is a sign that things are not working out. They require you to change how you participate and relate to the issues. Mercury has entered its retrograde shadow, so there is a chance for a do-over in September. The more mutable energy available reminds us to be flexible and addable. But with powerhouse planets t-square, it might be tricky. Perhaps the real key is to discern which area of your life needs to be flexible and which area to have good boundaries. Make sure your flexibility doesn't undermine your authenticity and physical energy.

This is a time to be more intentional with how you spend your energy and rethink your approaches around your goals and health routines.

What are the lessons from this summer? How to organize your time and energy better for the upcoming months?