Nourishing Ambition: Full Moon in Capricorn


7/2/20232 min read

The Cardinal Full Moon is a big deal. Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn — It br The Cardinal Full Moon is a big deal! Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn — It brings up our deepest and the most powerful emotions because both Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with safety and security— the foundations of our lives. When we’re discounted, we feel deprived and undernourished. But the cardinal energy invites us to take a look at our foundational needs and find a balance between home and achievement; inner feelings and external responsibilities; and our attachment and self-sufficiency.

☀️11˚🦀18’☍🌕11˚🐐18˚ on Monday, July 3, 2023, at 7:38 pm.

In general, Full Moons bring up situations and events that make us aware of our feelings. And this full moon is unearthing. It may bring up our feeling of irritation or dissatisfaction to the surface.

First of all, the dance between the cosmic lovers: Venus + Mars brings heat and passion that's been building might begin to wane and start morphing into the "blocks, delays, and reviews" of Venus retrograde season.

And they square Uranus in Taurus, nobody wants to give in. You are unsure if you should authentically fight them or kiss them. If there is drama, questions to ask yourself or the other person is “What am I really mad about? And what do I want out of this?” Uranus doesn’t have patience for bullshit. The answers you receive will be revealing. But with Venus “retroshade”, and it will come back these same degrees later. So not jumping to conclusions and allowing room to roam is key. Your assumptions will be brought to test because Venus is going to have the last word.

Capricorn Moon has a reputation for being practical and their security is through worldly accomplishments. BUT How do you actually feel about your work? We have all been there, t’s easy to get up to work if you love what you do. If you don’t, it’s draining. But so often, against your feelings, you do the thing. But if you keep on going for long time, sure, things are done, but you feel horrible.

Whether you agree with the High Achiever archetype or not, if you have a goal, you have asked: “How do I get there? What do I need to do?”

But the assumption of “we have to do a thing” makes us blind to the obvious — “What is blocking me from achieving my goal?” The Cancerian topics of emotional safety and protection can reveal why don’t. What is holding you up? What is the benefit of not doing something? Once you know what it is, you can work with keeping or removing a thing. But you won’t know until you reflect on it.

The full moon is supported by both Jupiter and Saturn and they sextile each other. The energy is great for progress. Jupiter brings hope and optimism and Saturn brings the endurance and practicality we need to manifest. With their support, you can power through. And be curious about the feelings that come up. It’s Cancer season, you’re going to feel a lot. What is the underlining emotion that is driving your desires? Claiming too much or not enough is all based on how you feel about yourself and the illusion of the egos. And so often, we receive what we feel we deserve.

This full moon asks us not to abandon our feelings in the name of success, or in some cases, abandoning our goals because we feel unsafe. Depending on the topics, you are likely to be more daring for something and not so much for something else. But connecting with your feelings about them doesn’t mean you have to change anything. The work is about acceptance. Just bearing witness to your feelings help you be a good friend to yourself, and engage yourself in activities that bring you and others of joy and liberation.