Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Welcome to the last of the Taurus-Scoprio eclipse finale; the next round will come in 2031. What have these ♉️♏️ eclipses revealed for you in the last 1.5 years? All the Taurus and Scorpio can finally catch a break.

In astrology, Taurus represents our desires, things that we want more: pleasure, beauty, wealth, health, and the energy that gives life and abundance. It’s not hard to imagine that the other side of our desires is the swampland of the soul, where the skeletons live. Maybe it’s a bit extreme. But Scorpios are not for the faint of heart. But here is the other way to look at the Taurus-Scorpio connection. If you’re an ecologist, you might like this better: the polarity between Scorpio and Taurus can be represented by a tree: Taurus is the crown, and Scorpio is the roots of the tree.

The crown provides shade, shelter, and food for the animals, and Scorpio is the root where things lie unseen, but it’s tied to the well-being of the tree and the whole network of trees. You can’t strive for beauty without understanding the emotional underpinnings at play because they are equally important, and it is no wonder the Buddha was said to become enlightened under a tree during a Scorpio full moon because there is no tree, no enlightenment.

Full Moon at 15˚ Scorpio at 1:34 am Hong Kong time.

This Scorpio full moon is also a lunar eclipse. And eclipses are meant to shake things up that will have an impact for the next six months.

Traditionally, the Moon is said to be debilitated in Scorpio. Because Scorpio symbolizes the deeper self, which we’re often scared or distracted to acknowledge. The Scorpio full moon invites us to investigate where we feel unloveable, shame, messy, and have a harsh judgment on ourselves. But this is the time to take a deeper look at yourself and see what is at play. What is the emotional force that is driving your reaction and day-to-day? Eclipses are meant to shake us so we don’t stay stuck in our outlived patterns.

On the other side of this full moon eclipse, the Sun is sandwiched between the tricker Mercury and the rebel Uranus in Taurus, egging on, offering ideas of why and trying to come up with solutions to fix or escape from these feelings. “Blah, blah, blah, do this, try that.” your mind is busy and anxious coming up with comebacks, solutions, analytical reports, and feedback. While it can feel productive and forward-moving, it isn’t what we’re meant to do under a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse.

The Moon is how we feel and how we feel about our past (And note: how you feel about your past changes, too). What we’re meant to do is to allow things to be messy and to feel all your challenging feelings. Because you can’t heal what you can’t feel. And a good way, and maybe the only way, to work with our feelings (the Moon) is to be present for them.

You’re not doing it alone either — the ruler of this eclipse, Mars, is in Cancer. It’s been in Cancer for a while and wants us to “get emotional.” Mars is said in the fall in Cancer because it has a hard time seeing its power, and it is giving and receiving support from the probing Scorpio Moon to be more open to work through these emotional energies. Plus, the Moon will form a watery trine with Mars and Neptune; whatever you feel may offer a spiritual relief or solution to move energies.

Of course, the impact of this eclipse can be very subtle for some and very wild for someone else; it all depends on how they hit your chart. But it can show up as the past meeting the present. Or something happening now that triggers memories of the past that you didn’t know how to deal with, and now you have a chance to reconsider.

And this is a full moon in Scorpio, so it’s all about release. It is a closing of what you didn’t know what to do with emotionally. Scorpio is also how we merge and share energy and what you have given up in the process, and here have you given up your power. And it can bring up a lot what it means to live in your power and have conviction. It’s digging deep into what matters to you. What needs to be cleared out?? That it may help you understand that you have been operating in your unconscious fear that was in an illusion of control. It wants you to dig in with your full ownership.

Are you ready to see your hidden talent and unconscious magic that you were too afraid to claim? The truth is raw and, therefore, hard to digest, but you are worth your time and present.

Side note: because the energy is so intense, the urge to disassociate is strong, and you know, we all do distract and disassociate from time to time. We all need breaks. So I’m not saying you need to deal with your feelings every second. You don’t have to do anything. In my opinion, our souls become humans because we want to choose. So notice when you’re choosing to distract yourself because it’s okay. You don’t even have to do your best; just do what you can.

And one more note: If you feel frazzled, overwhelmed and tired because of all the watery energies, retrograde, Pluto stationing, and eclipse in Scorpio, turn to your physical needs. So make sure you are drinking water, breathing, eating and sleeping well.