The Bold New World: New Moon in Aries


Wai Yu Lam


During the watery, messy Piscean time, we grieved; we fell apart, but we also envisioned a better and more compassionate world. And then here we are, after all the undoing, we arrived at the New Moon in Aries. 

Aries energy is the comic baby. Not the crying baby, maybe the crying baby when things don’t go their way? But what I wanted to point to you is the active energy of saying YES to life — the courage of leaving the comfort of the wound— It’s bold, loud, passionate, alive, abundance of energy and excitement — The first day of your life, full of hope and awe. 

The Aries New Moon is brave enough to take the first step. Show up as yourself and say: “HERE I AM! Let’s go!!” And that brought us to this new moon. 

New moon in Aries at 0˚50’ Aries occurs on Wednesday, March 22, at 1:23am HKT. 

The new moon is a time for seedings, setting new intentions and beginings. This new moon is extra special. It is supportive of all new things. I know I say that about every new moon, but because it occurs at the equinox degree (Between 0-1 degree of Aries), it has extra potency! 

Pluto in Capricorn brings a deep sense of awareness, purpose and power to this new moon. The thing you wanted to start hasn’t come through easily, you were met with a lot of opposition and difficulties in the past few years, and you had your reasons to delay and wait. But this time around, there is a deeper drive that says, “this is it.”. 

Two days after the new moon, Pluto enters Aquarius, that will begin a new zeitgeist — we will unpack later. Just remember that instead of the energy fizzling out, Pluto’s ingress brings a deeper focus to your fresh start, allowing you to go deeper than you have ever been. (Thanks, Pluto!) 

You might actually feel restless, urging you start, get your hands dirty. 

Mars has been in Gemini since last August. The Mars retrograde cycle square Neptune, it brought brain fog, anxiety, confusion and just exhaustion (Last week was especially rough for many people) But if you have been working and reworking through the messiness of processing your doubt and fear. Congratulations, Mars has entered new frontier.

Mars brings a square to the Aries New Moon, but this time around, you push your doubt aside, and start a new. The Aries energy is bringing in the bold aliveness! The abundance of Aries energy: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron is motivating. 

Let’s jump in and see how it goes. We’ll figure it out. 

Also on this chart, North node — represents where we have to grow in our spiritual direction and purpose; conjuncts Venus in Taurus, reiterating the cosmic push to the direction of our highest values and spiritual lessons. Together they sextile Saturn in Pisces, it helps brings more grounding stability to our intention. 

I’m so excited about this new moon. It’s a big shift in energy. It’s mobilizing. Depending on how you’re with the NEW, it can also be distracting and impulsive or you might feel like hiding. It is scary at the beginning of every new adventure. But courage is showing up for your calling despite the risks and doubts. You can get much out of this new moon when you are intentional with your action, choices and purpose. 

Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dream) will meet at the degree of this new moon— whatever you’re starting in period will come to a conclusion by end of May 2025. In the process of chasing your dream, no doubt, you will make a lot of mistakes, but you will also make lots of friends, and you will also know who you really are. 

Working with the Aries New Moon:

A lot of energy is being stirred up by this new moon. There is a sense of urgency, passion, activation, aliveness, anger, overwhelmed, fatigue and drive. Be active and let the energy out, but be intentional about how you spend your energy. 

Ask does this activity support my purpose/calling.  

Feeling stuck? Get moving. Aries is ruled by Mars. If you’re inside, go outside. If you’re standing, sit down. Go for a walk, dance, and even sparring with a friend can be helpful to shift. 

Set intentions. Take out that vision board. Write down what you want to do and do at least one thing on your list will help you ride the wave. 

Embrace your inner Aries. Go on an adventure. Do something that scares you.

Journal prompts/tarot questions:

How well do you deal with NEW? 

Do I get tensed up when I’m dealing with unfamiliar energy? Why? 

What is the adventure that I’m too scared to do?