The volatile Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


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Full Moons, in general, bring our emotions to the surface. And Lunar eclipses are highly charged full moons. Eclipses excavate and reveal. They transform and dig up what has been buried. They help us clarify confusion and process what's ready to come off. Eclipses lead the way, so we have the courage to face our truth.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 16˚ Taurus opposite Sun at 16˚ Scorpio.

If you've feeling stuck or pulled from many different directions, that's because you are! The chart for this full moon is striking — Moon conjuncts Uranus + North Node in Taurus, opposite Sun, Mercury, and Venus + South Node in Scorpio. And all of them square Saturn in Aquarius, all in the fixed sign. To say this full moon is "Intense, it's an understatement.

Sun conjuncts Mercury + Venus in Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is about secrets and investigations. Some shocking news, important revelations, and scandals may come to light. At a personal level, we might be dealing with sudden relationship insights or issues.

This eclipse exposes us to our weaknesses and vulnerability where we have been too attached or stuck, developing stubborn build-up tension that shows up as self-pity, manipulative behavior, and defensiveness. But both Taurus and Scorpio are related to our psychological and physical resources, power, and worth. They remind us that we have all it takes to succeed, and yet we may have been mismanaging our resources.

The urge to break free is strong because Taurus full moon eclipse conjuncts Uranus — the planet of upset, eruptions, breakthroughs, and awakening. And all Uranus wants is to kickass and be real. However, breaking free is challenging; it requires confronting other people's expectations and opinions of you. You are prone to break some hearts in the process. On the other hand, if someone or something is free from you, give them the love of liberation.

We are dealing with eclipse and Uranus energy, so we don't know exactly what is coming for us. However, the focal t-square with stationing Saturn in Aquarius can be helpful, it helps us look at our reality. Saturn teaches us that solid boundaries and honest discussions about conscience being attune to our deepest values. In Aquarius, Saturn is strong and determined. Saturn is commitment, and even if you feel you're making slow progress, you are making progress.